What does Design mean to you?



As a product designer it‘s my priority to build a harmonious bridge between manmade objects and objects which originate from mother nature. The real appearance of an object lives from its details that, ones together, form the overall design. Furthermore a design increases the communication between the user and the product, either in acquisition of the usability or of the responsibilities of the consumers.

Designing is supposed to challenge old technologies and promote the technological evolution as well as implying new ecological principles.

My favorite part about designing is to dive into the subconscious with the intention of finding new ideas and shapes which I can mix to new combinations.

Improving your design not only enhances functionality and usability furthermore they increase value and customers’ satisfaction.

I offer full package of product design and visual communication, improving your brand identity and providing a competitive advantage on a new strategic level.

By transferring Cross-Industry expertise we will create new opportunities to generate innovative solutions. A strong network of manufacturer and engineering consultants will bring your ideas to market.