Why Deansign as a partner when it comes to
product design and visual communication?

Improving your design not only enhances functionality
and usability furthermore they increase value and
customers’ satisfaction.

Offering the full package of product design and
visual communication, improving your brand identity
and providing a competitive advantage on a new strategic level.

By transferring Cross-Industry expertise we will create
new opportunities to generate innovative solutions.
A strong network of manufacturer and engineering
consultants will bring your ideas to market.

Deansign works with a „3 Stages“ scheme which got
developed on the purpose of successfully designing
and launching new products. You will have the choice to
either avail the whole package or chose the individual
options in order to fulfill the needs and desires of your

Kick-off Meeting


Market Analysis

Target Group

Material Research



Ergonomics Study

Solution Approaches

Overall Conditions

Vision & Trends

Concept Creation

Stage One

Concept Development

Concept Visualization

3D CAD Construction

Concept Presentation

3D Visualization

Technical Documents

Manufacturing Process

Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturer Network

Mock-up Models

3D printed Prototypes

Production Managment

Stage Two

Corporate Identity

Marketing Strategies

Visual Communication

Packaging Design

Product Catalogues

Exhibition Stand Design

Interface Design

Instruction Manuals

Design Guidelines

Stage Three